South Africans are a laid-back nation. We like our lazy Sundays, slow braais, and getting everything done “now now”.

While being chilled is a good thing when it comes to the weekend, it can be a dangerous attitude in other areas. Take driving for instance – despite living in a country with a high road fatality rate, 70% of South African car owners do not have insurance. This means that, should they be in an accident or sustain damage to their vehicle, they will be left without adequate financial protection.

Here are a few general reasons why car insurance is important:

Driving in South Africa is dangerous

According to the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC), 1,448 people died over the December 2020-January 2021 period as a result of 1210 traffic accidents in South Africa. This means, statically, driving is one of the most dangerous things you can ever do in your lifetime.

But, here’s where having comprehensive car insurance can really help, especially if you’re a policyholder. We cover road and/or air transportation to get you to the nearest medical facility as fast as possible – meaning that even if you get injured, help is on the way.

Car insurance can protect you financially

If you are the cause of an accident, the associated costs, including legal fees, and fines might fall to you. And if you’re not properly covered, the costs might have to come out of your own pocket. Eek!

Having good car insurance, like Name Your Price™ comprehensive car insurance, can save you a wealth of costs. Not only can we help mitigate the costs of claims, we will also alert you to new fines, facilitate seamless payment, and negotiate fine reductions for you.

Save on time and hassle

In addition to the stress and possible trauma of being in an accident, you’ll also have to deal with time-consuming admin in order to get everything sorted afterwards.

However, if you’re covered by, we can save you some of the trouble. We’ll deal with the Road Accident Fund on your behalf, as well as taking care of other hassles, like vehicle towing, repairs, and replacements. Just another way that the right car insurance can ease the headache of accidents!

Don’t be easy-going about something as important as car insurance. Contact today, and we’ll find a plan tailored to your needs.

From car insurance at a price you pick with Name Your Price™ to superfast claims pay-outs, choose SA’s #1 rated insurer* and get fast, convenient car insurance – all online, anytime.


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