At, we don’t just see our policyholders as clients, they’re more like part of the family – whether furry, feathery, scaled or human. We love every one of them (even the venomous) equally because we know how important they are to you. That’s why we ‘suppawt’ them in their causes and quests to make a difference in the lives of pets and people in need.

When we receive a particularly heart-warming story from a family member, we can’t keep the good feels to ourselves, can we? 😉. And we most certainly can’t miss out on the opportunity to share it with fellow pet lovers alike.

We recently received an inspiring story from a loving dog mom of two, Melissa Abrahams. Her fur-kids are Kodi (a gorgeous male Jack Russel) and Kali (a female Jack Russel cross-breed). She loves both to the moon and back! Kali was adopted from the Animal Anti Cruelty League (AACL) in April 2019 – it was indeed a love at first sight moment for Melissa, who felt an instant connection: “Kali wasn’t our initial choice, as we had seen a different pet on the website we were interested in, but when I arrived there that Thursday morning, and I saw her fox-like ears standing to attention, long whipping tale and big, puppy-dog eyes, I knew I just had to have her”, says Melissa.

Little Kali fuelled her dog mom’s passion for paws and ignited in her a desire to help other shelter pets.  That’s why Melissa launched a charity campaign in honour of Kali’s third birthday in October. Her birthday wish was to raise R 5,000 for the AACL through donations made on the Back-a-Buddy website. The generous contributions will make a difference in the lives of homeless pets in need of shelter and food while they patiently wait to meet the family that will give them their forever home. Aww… what a sweet and selfless initiative! Okay, now we need the tissues and a moment to gather ourselves (sniff, sniff) – causes like these bring tears to our eyes and we’re bursting with pride knowing that our family members have such generous hearts.

The Back-a-Buddy campaign will not only make a difference in the lives of shelter pets, but also thank the AACL for the great work that they do for animals all over the country. They unite thousands of pets with loving families and give abandoned animals a second chance at the life they truly deserve.

Like many other shelter pets, Kali’s happy ending was made a reality thanks to the AACL’s dedication and the generosity of an awesome human being, who opened her home and heart to a fur-child in need.



Thanks to some generous pet lovers Kali managed to raise R2,856.22 for her birthday bash. And, to show thanks for her ongoing support and contribution to pets in need, donated R2,204.23 to help her reach her goal of raising R5,000 for the AACL in celebration of her birthday.

“I was overcome with shock, then the tears streamed down my face, realizing that through our collective efforts, we can be a voice for the fur kids who eagerly await their forever home”, says Melissa.


Kali and her parents appreciate your valuable contribution.

Thank you for your ‘suppawt’!