Tinkerbell jumps onto your comfy couch and finds a sweet spot for a long nap. Her choice – your feet! You’re stuck in one position for 2-hours and pins and needles start to trouble your toes. If only she had a mini couch of her own to occupy. Well, thanks to Japanese designers you can now order high-quality miniature versions of fur-niture that will satisfy the fussiest of felines.

Cat furniture is officially a thing! From the IKEA pet series to homemade cat beds, cats are enjoying the good life with their very own designer couches and beds. Okawa Kagu, a Japanese designer company, took the trend to the next level.

They’ve got a collection of modern cat furniture called Neko Kagu, which means “cat furniture”. The collection comprises of a pine wood sofa designed and produced by Hiromatsu Furniture, and a dark wood cat bed designed and manufactured by Tateno Mokuzai. The feline furniture is made with the same effort and expertise as normal-sized beds and comes in at almost the same price. A Japanese designed cat bed and couch costs around R14,000. That’s not small change, but if you consider that it’s created by skilled Japanese artisans and that it comes with features like cushions and wood that can handle sharp nails and mountains of fur, it’s worth a buy for wealthy cat ladies (and lads).



Neko Kagu hasn’t sold many mini couches and beds, but their main goal is to showcase the skills of the artisans of Okawa Kagu and not to make a fortune with cat furniture.

The Japanese company recently introduced a series of five new designs, which features three sofas, one bed and a very natural looking platform on a tree. The three sofas range in price from R15,000 up to R30,000.


Watch videos of the fancy mini cat furniture here:




Would you treat your kitty to a Japanese designed bed or couch? Imagine how jealous the pooches will be and how much they’ll be hating on the superior pussycats. #catfightsfordays