Sometimes frosted and fogged up windows can pull the brakes on a smooth journey. It’s never fun waking up and finding Frosty the snowmobile bidding you a good morning outside your window. Luckily, we’ve got your back with awesome tips to fix this ‘frosting’ dilemma.


WTF (what the fog) is up with the freezing?

Former NASA engineer and YouTube enthusiast, Mark Rober, has an amazing video explaining the reason for the freezin’ together with a few handy science backed tips. Watch it here:



If you couldn’t watch the video, here are some defog and defrost tips:


For cars with climate control systems:

Whether it’s in the dead of winter when it’s cold outside or in the middle of the summer when it’s scorching hot, your car’s climate control system does more than just regulate the cabin temperature. It doubles as a dehumidifier.

If you want to clear windows, start your engine, use the defrost/defog setting and crank the heater up. The heat will absorb the moisture and clear your windshield in a matter of seconds.


Although it’s the opposite of the above-mentioned tip, it works just as well. The A/C system helps to dry the air within the cab faster, which also absorbs the fog.


What if your climate control isn’t working?

If the vents are airless or not warm enough to clear the fog, use paper towels or a cleaning cloth to wipe the fog away.  That way you’ll avoid using your hands or sleeves to clear condensation, and you won’t leave sticky marks behind.

Keep your windows extra clean by using a dedicated car window cleaner, because it’s formulated to prevent streaks and to leave minimal residue. It also forms a thin layer on your glass which prevents your windows from turning cloudy and unclear.

Hint: You can purchase Car Glass Anti-fog spray on for extra peace of mind.

Alternatively, go old school and crack a window. According to Glass Doctor, opening up a window helps exchange the humid air in your car with dryer outside air, speeding up the defogging process.


Did you know?

If you are a smoker, you should definitely not smoke inside your car, because condensation loves sticking to the film of nicotine and tar that will coat the inside of your windows!


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