If you own a dog, then your pet is on the list of the most popular pets in the world. Unfortunately, its street cred and popularity in the neighbourhood are tied to yours. The point is – the guestlist will sadly be filled by the pets of the other dog owners who like you in your area… and your dog’s party probably won’t make the next cover of Forbes, but these awesome pet party ideas will give your dog a lot to ‘snout’ about!


  1. Treat them… like royalty

Nothing beats treats on your birthday! But nothing will crown the ceremony of the day better than an actual cute doggie crown to acclaim your pet as the ruler of the land on its special day… and every other day really.


  1. Nothing beats a theme paw-ty

Theme parties aren’t just fun; they’re the stuff of great Instagram moments and unforgettable memories. Pick a theme and let the good times roll. From matching outfits and dressing up like your favourite TV stars to treasure hunt vibes, go wild.


  1. Make it a happy game day

Another fun way to celebrate your dog’s birthday is by turning it into a game day. Play different games with your dog. Dogs love to play, so more games on their birthday is a simple way to make it a fun day for them.


  1. Cake eating contest

Bake it, buy it, steal it, or make another plan – whatever you do, just make sure there’s cake. And lots of it. One for your furball and one for you. Then get set, ready, and have at it! Dogs like cake, you love cake – it’s a win-win situation. Everyone wins because everyone gets cake.


  1. Doggy ball pit

The only thing that beats fetching balls is diving into them! Ask your dog, they’ll tell you.