With Murphy always lurking around every corner – we want to help you stay on the right side of the Law, and whatever he has decided will go wrong when a buddy borrows your car.

 When you lend your car to someone, no matter who is driving, it’s your vehicle insurance that covers the driver, your car, and whatever Murphy has in store for them. This means that, if there’s an incident, big or small, it’s your policy that’s affected — even if the person driving your car has their own comprehensive car insurance on another car.

When someone borrows your car, what they are really borrowing is your car insurance. So, whoever borrows your car must drive by your rules and respect the rules of the road.


Stay in the driver’s seat when lending your car.

  • Make sure the borrower has a valid driver’s licence.
  • Make your car rules clear: such as no speeding or eating in the car.
  • If someone borrows your car, they can’t lend it to someone else.
  • Agree on where and how the car can be driven.
  • Give a little tutorial, so they’re comfortable finding wipers, indicators, and other controls.
  • Show them where they can find a copy of the registration and proof of insurance.
  • Inspect the vehicle before it goes out.
  • Check the odometer to track agreed-upon mileage.


Take the relationship to the next level.

You’re the regular driver on your policy, but is your friend, partner, or child becoming a regular lender? Well, you might want to consider adding them as an occasional driver to your insurance policy and make lending them your cover official.


What if someone else borrows your car permanently?

If your car is stolen while in the custody of your friend or relative and you have comprehensive car insurance with dotsure.co.za, you’ll be covered for the loss if the person driving your car at the time of the loss had your consent to use your vehicle.


What if you need to borrow someone’s car when yours is out?

You should have the same discussion with your friend about rules and regulations. You also need to ensure the vehicle is insured; otherwise, you might be left with huge bills or held liable if you’re involved in an accident.


Stay on the right side of lending out your car.

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