Even though we (and our fans) think we’re pretty swell, we know the truth: no one gets excited about claiming from their insurer. On the cosmic list of things you want to do, it generally sits somewhere between “going to the dentist” and “renewing your driver’s licence”.

It’s okay; we know you’ve been burnt before – running around compiling documents, checking which veterinarians your policy allows you to visit, waiting on hold as the clock ticks by, excruciatingly long waiting periods for your claim to be paid out, the list is endless!

But we’re changing all of that.

It’s our mission to make claiming from dotsure.co.za pet insurance as simple, straightforward, and easy as possible. We’ve got you covered.

Here’s how to claim with dotsure.co.za pet insurance:

1. Visit your vet

You don’t need to call us to ask which vet you can visit, and if you want to know what’s covered, you can simply check your policy details on your 24/7 Manage Portal. We don’t place any restrictions on which vet you can visit, as long as they’re registered in South Africa.

Get the treatment your pet needs when they need it, and make sure to keep your itemised invoice after you’ve paid.

2. Send us your invoice

If we can get you through the entire claims process without having to pick up the phone, we consider it a job well done!

That’s why you can upload your vet invoice to your 24/7 Manage portal anytime, anywhere. If you’d prefer to chat with a friendly human, we have plenty of those too – simply call us on 0861 368 7873 or send us an email at u2us@dotsure.co.za.

Our call centre is open from 8AM – 6PM Monday – Friday and 8:30AM – 1PM on Saturdays.

3. Get your cash back in 48 hours

Once you’ve submitted your claim and invoice, our average turnaround time for pet insurance claims is 48 hours*!

After submitting, we’ll send you the details of your claims handler, who you can call if you have any queries or questions. If they need anything from you, they’ll give you a call to confirm any extra details.

It’s that simple.

*T&Cs apply. Reimbursement is subject to submission of a valid claim and may be affected by weekends, public holidays, and your bank’s policies.