At, we consider our fans our family. And just like family, we’re always there when you need us the most. While you never want to be in a scary situation like a road accident, it’s always good to know that if you are, someone trustworthy has your back.

Recently, we heard from two of our fans whose traumatic experiences were alleviated by’s friendly, professional service. Here are their stories:


Dale’s story

Dale McKay, a member of the family for over two years now, recently found himself in a scary position when a truck damaged his car on the road. He told us what happened and what he learned below:

  • Tell us about your experience?

“I was driving past a truck carrying a tractor with a scoop bucket hanging over the side. While we were passing each other in opposite directions, the scoop bucket sideswiped my car. It ripped off the driver’s side mirror and scraped the body of my car all the way to the back.

We were on the R554 at the time, which is not in the best condition at the moment. While in shock and disbelief, I stopped to check the damage – only to realise that the truck did not even stop to check if I was okay. He just carried on with his journey.

It was a very shocking experience and a bit traumatic, to say the least.”

  • How did help make the journey less troublesome?

“Immediately after reporting the incident to, their team started working on it. Thomas called me within minutes and started the claims process, telling me exactly what documents were required.

Anastachia was marvellous, calling me every day to follow up on the outstanding documentation and also to check if I took the vehicle to the auto body repairer. The excess payable was explained to me in detail, considering that I did not have the other party’s details.

When I got to the repair shop, they told me that already gave them all the info and there was no need for me to complete any forms. Impressive!”

  • What did you learn from the experience?

“Anything can happen in a heartbeat. I learned that I have to be ready for every eventuality.

All I can say is make sure you are insured with You need a professional responsive company by your side in your time of need. Have the right people in your corner.”


Khanyi’s story

Khanyisile Motha joined us just over a year ago – a decision he was very grateful for recently, after suffering through an unfortunate road accident. He shares his story below:

  • Tell us about your experience?

“I was terrified and unprepared, as this is the first incident I have experienced since obtaining my driver’s licence in 2012. What’s more, I felt anxious about my claim, as I reside in Gauteng, but am insured in the Western Cape. I stressed over how and when the inspectors could physically come and assess the damage.”

  • How did help make the journey less troublesome?

“My first thought was with my insurer. I asked a friend to phone them, and they immediately returned my call. As distressing as it was, the consultant was comforting and understood when I couldn’t talk at that moment. I requested call-backs three times and all my requests were honoured.

Every step was done telephonically – I was surprised that I only needed to submit the photos to log a claim. The level of trust that had in me made me feel special and grateful. Reminders were sent daily just to make sure that I submitted all the relevant details for my claim to be processed on time. Great customer experience!!”

  • What did you learn from the experience?

“That goes above and beyond to help!

It’s the little things that matter. If your insurance is able to help you through events as small as a tyre puncture, you know they’ll also take care of you when bigger problems arise. Above all, you will reap what you sow: pay your premiums reliably, and the claim process will run smoothly.”


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