A simple trip to the grocery store could cost you a financial (and emotional) fortune. The ride may start with sing-alongs and end with a loud bang on your bonnet followed by the sound of a pedestrian or cyclist in distress.

Shivering thought, right? So, what now???

Before you follow these steps, take a deep breath and try to keep calm (even if your heartrate is at 120 BPM).


4 Steps to save a life:

1. Step on the brake

If you hit and run, you’re not only a criminal, but also an idiot! You have a responsibility towards the injured to guide them back to safety. Even if it’s not your fault and elements outside of your control are to blame for the accident, you need to step on the brake and stop. Don’t allow panic to reap you from your better judgement. If you choose to flee the scene, the men in blue will knock on your door and arrest you for homicide. You’ll be trapped in a concrete box with bars and be haunted by your guilty conscious.

2. Take care of the injured

Make sure that the person is outside of danger. Only move the injured if he or she is in the middle of the road. Otherwise avoid moving the person as it can result in further injuries. If the person is bleeding, apply pleasure until help arrives. NEVER perform CPR if you are not qualified to do so.

Keep a First Aid Kit with the following in your car to help the injured:

  • Gloves
  • Waterless Antiseptic wipes or gel
  • Thermometer
  • Sharp scissors
  • Tweezers
  • Safety pins (for securing bandages/slings)
  • Needle or blade (for removing splinters)
  • Sterile gauze (different widths and sizes)
  • Sterile dressings in different sizes
  • Bandages – various sizes

See what else you need here.


3. Call the red wagon and po-po

 Call an ambulance and the police immediately. Should you not call the police to report it, the case will be considered suspicious and will be investigated. Make sure you also report it to your insurance company ASAP.

Keep these emergency numbers on your mobile:

  • Emergency – Ambulance (10177)
  • Emergency – Cell phone (112)
  • Emergency – National (10111)

4. Collect evidence

Show your Sherlock Homes skills by gathering evidence to protect yourself against any legal issues. Take pictures of the person, scene, your licence, car and the surrounding areas. Make sure you’ve got everything covered before you leave the scene. Store the pics somewhere safe. They might just be the key out of your jail cell.


The verdict

If you are behind the wheel, you’re responsible for the safety of yourself and everyone around you. If you accidently hit someone, take ownership of the situation and be there for the injured. Hold their hand and wipe their fears away.