You love your pets but find their fur all over your fine clothes. Aargh! Blame the shedding season if you like, but your sartorial style is still under threat. Are you ready fur these quick fixes to your wardrobe, furniture, surfaces, and floors?

Prep: Vinegar wash FTW


CLOTHES & LINEN:  Add ½ cup of white vinegar to your next laundry load. This will dislodge the hairs and make it easier for them to come off. Then try the following.


Dry sponge bath


Run a dry sponge along your jacket, lounge suite or trousers to easily lift light hairs. If that doesn’t work…


Damp duster


Run a slightly wet duster cloth along a hairy blouse or cushion. The moist surface will help to lift the little hairs like a genie.
TIP: wring out the duster to avoid drips and dribbles.


Fight Club style


Rubber gloves have so many uses and getting pet fur off your fabrics is one of them. Make like Tyler and put them on, run your hands along the offended surface and see those little hairs lift! Static energy FTW.


DIY-style lint remover


No need to invest in an expensive contraption that might break. The affordable version is so easy, you can do it in a minute or less. Wrap packaging tape, sticky side out, around your four fingers a few times (so that it loops around and sticks to itself). Then run your taped hands along the soiled surface. Works nicely on dust as well.
TIP: don’t wrap the tape too tight that you can’t slip your paws out of it!


Microfibre those tiny slivers!


While every surface responds to the law of pets first, we are glad to inform you that non-upholstered surfaces also respond well to the laws of physics. Run a microfibre cloth along a hair-soiled surface to see them rise to the occasion.


Pumice the pesky hairs (CARS)


Gently run a pumice stone with fine perforations along car upholstery to dislodge stubborn hairs. Avoid pleather, plastic, and leather surfaces, of course!


Rubber Broom that wooden floor!


It’s not only your clothes, is it? Everything seems covered in fur, hairs, dust…. help! Turns out, hardwood surfaces respond really well to the effects of a rubber broom. A bonus is you get a bit of a workout at the same time! No hidden costs, either.


Baking Soda sprinkles


Everybody’s favourite home cleaning additive, this clever powder also helps loosen hairs on the carpet. Sprinkle widely before you vacuum for dramatically better results.


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