Hit the drums with a loud BANG! We have some HUGE news to announce! dotsure.co.za Pet Insurance now covers more than just your domestic furry family members against emergencies. In true, dotsure.co.za fashion, we have disrupted the industry once again, by becoming the first insurance provider in South Africa to cover your exotic pet species like reptiles, birds, bunnies, turtles and tortoises.

What does it mean to be first? I dunno, ask Michael Collins. Don’t know who that is? That’s because he was second.


Did you know?


The Chinese (Sung Dynasty: 960-1279) were the first owners of exotic pets. They were the first to actively keep and breed Goldfish for their shinny golden bellies and their bright sparkly orange bodies.


Why Exotic Pet Insurance?


dotsure.co.za and our NPO partner AACL , have the same outlook on exotic pets. Being that although we don’t necessarily encourage owning some of these animals, we accept the fact that many of them are pets and that we have a responsibility to provide cover for them, as it is their right to have the correct protection and care. We understand that pet owners are not always in it for the cuddles, and we totally get that. As long as you love them, we cover them (you know, like we say in our ads). Before we decided to launch this product, owners of these animals had no option of insuring these fantastic creatures.


dotsure.co.za doesn’t just keep the animals in mind, but also our clients. That’s why we offer affordable cover to fit your budget.

Do you own an exotic pet? Well then get your Exotic Pet Insurance cover today!


So, what’s this exotic pets buzz about?


Let’s not kid around, exotic pets are super cool! Some are venomous, some live 100 years and some have 8 legs. It’s like they have super-powers or something.

But wait, there’s more! There are also some health benefits linked to owning exotic pets. Many people are allergic to domestic animals with furry coats. Certain species, like reptiles and hairless mammals will prevent agonizing allergic reactions like skin rashes and runny noses.

Exotic pets are so cool even some Hollywood socialites are adding them to their glam fams. The Titanic love machine, Leonardo DiCaprio, owns a small African Spurred Tortoise. Hollywood heartbreaker George Clooney owned a Pot Bellied Pig named Max for 18 years. And Tori Spelling has a Silkie Bantam Chicken called “Coco”.


Leonardo DiCaprio’s tortoise

The Titanic love machine, Leonardo DiCaprio, owns a small African Spurred Tortoise. He paid a staggering $400 for the 45-pound fellow.


Did you know?


African Spurred Tortoises can live up to 200 years and is the largest tortoise in Africa.

Looks like DiCaprio has a friend for life!


Whether you own a tortoise, a Pot Bellied Pig or a chicken called Coco, your exotic pets are special and they deserve some VIP (Very Interesting Pet) treatment. dotsure.co.za is dedicated to making sure that your exotic pets are taken care of with the best possible cover.

Cover your Exotic family-members today! Get an Online Quote and protect your unique pets. 

Oh, one last thing…

If you don’t believe us that it’s important to be first. Try this quiz about “famous” second placers.