With their adorable wrinkly faces and short little legs, it’s clear to see why Pugs are such a popular breed. Once you let a Pug into your life, you’ll find it difficult to imagine a life without their cute snores and friendly cuddles.

Learn more about these adorable companions, and whether a Pug is right for you…


Pug history

Pugs are actually one of the world’s oldest dog breeds, with lineage dating back as far as 400 B.C. Originating in China, they were first bred to be companions for royal and wealthy folk – these noble origins must be where they get their confidence from!

They eventually migrated from the East to Europe, where they were the favourites of many notable and powerful figures like Prince William of Orange and Queen Victoria. Born under these lavish circumstances, it’s not surprising that Pugs aren’t exactly working dogs.

So, Pug owners have definitely earned bragging rights. After all, your four-legged furkid was once reserved only for royalty!


Pug physical appearance

A Pug almost needs no description: when you see one, you know immediately! Sporting relatively large, round heads, and tiny bodies, their coats can be silver, apricot, fawn or black in colour – though they’re perhaps best known for their wrinkles!

Did you know pugs actually have two types of ears? The first is the ‘button ear’ where the ear flap folds forward and completely covers the ear opening. the second type is the ‘rose ear’, which folds forward less, and shows part of the inner ear.


Pug personality

If you’re looking for an intelligent, loving, and friendly companion, then a Pug might be right up your alley. Generally quiet and calm, these wrinkly buddies are well-behaved, and not prone to barking, digging, or excessive chewing.

Though occasionally playful and up for a game of tug, Pugs have fairly low exercise needs. Your Pug would rather snuggle in bed with you and enjoy lazy weekends. In fact, they love sleeping and generally want permanent attachment to either a bed or couch – making them the perfect cuddle-buddy!

Pugs also get on well in households with kids and other dogs, as their sturdy bodies can handle a little bit of rough and tumble. Though far from frail, they can be quite sensitive creatures. If you’re away from home for long periods of time, keep in mind that your Pug might suffer from separation anxiety. Rather have that amazing Pug-sitter’s number on speed dial to take care of your royal fur-kid’s needs when he can’t join in on the trip.


Protect your Pug

It’s no secret that purebred dogs can sometimes have health issues. Though Pugs have a healthy expected lifespan of around 12-15 years, there are a few conditions you need to watch out for as a responsible Pug parent. These include obesity, diabetes, overheating and breathing problems.

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