This is a topic that causes quite a few heated arguments in our car…what is allowed and what isn’t? Share this with your spouse, partner & buddies and put this argument to bed once and for all….

Here’s what the law states according to Regulation 298A of the National Road Traffic Act:


Freeway Driving:

  • Using the emergency lane as a “passing lane” on a freeway is not permitted at all.
  • The emergency lane is to be used for emergencies only and is reserved for fire-fighting vehicles, emergency response vehicles, rescue vehicles and ambulances.
  • You are permitted to use the emergency lane if you have a real emergency, such as if your car breaks down, if you are rushing to the hospital, or if you need to stop immediately because you are facing a medical emergency.


Single carriageway road:

  • If you are travelling on a single carriageway road with one lane in each direction you are permitted to move into the emergency lane to allow faster moving cars to pass you.
  • The Act however clearly states that if you are moving aside to allow vehicles to pass, you can only do so:
  1. During daytime hours. In other words between sunrise and sunset.
  2. You need to ensure that you have at least 150m of visibility ahead before you move over.
  3. Under no circumstances can you slip into the yellow line on a blind rise.
  4. If there is heavy rain, mist or fog that hampers visibility, the emergency lane is out of bounds – even on an open road. Ignoring this rule poses a great risk of hitting stationery vehicles, or worse, a pedestrians.


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Let’s put this yellow lane driving argument to bed once and for all – share this article with your spouse, partner and buddies! #SafeDrivingSavesLives