You’re the best driver you know. We understand that! But driving around in the summer buzz is almost as dangerous as driving in the rain. You’re always rushing to get somewhere, you can never wait to get the party started, and all the other summer bunnies are just as frantic as you are. The only people still with all their wits about them on the road are the ones getting paid to do so.


Rain, rain, won’t go away.

Summer isn’t always sunshine, sunflowers, and sundowners – sometimes it’s summer rain! And if you love your car clean, it will mean more trips to the car wash and less money for your summer! Keep your vehicle safe and clean in the garage and still make it to your next summer jol with your preferred e-hailing ride. Besides, you know half the city can’t drive when it’s raining – yes, you’re part of that half – so leave the driving to the pros.


Less time driving is more time living.

You enjoy the journey more and stay safer if you drive less and ride more in the summer. Not only will you have time to take in the sights from the backseat of your ride, but you can also free some time to catch up on what’s been happening on your social media, make calls, and respond to those DMs.


Your park anywhere pass.

Your friends got there early, half of them are almost done with their starters, and you’re still trying to find parking. That’s no way to enjoy summer. When you click and ride, you can park right at the entrance every time, and parking is always free.


Pre-party and post-party rides.

Sometimes, you want to have a pre-drink before you hit the town, but you know you can’t drink and drive. However, you can have that pre-drink and more when you tap and ride and get to the party safe and sound. After you’ve painted the night red, you can rely on the same service to get you home safely.


Sure, you may lose the instant convenience of simply jumping into your car, having to always wait a few minutes for your cab, but it takes many people that same amount of time to find their car keys. Besides, cab drivers don’t play that dangerous game you play – where you try to see if you can beat the GPS’s ETA by 10 minutes. So, e-hailing services could definitely serve you better this summer.