Any true motorhead will feel a twinge of pain when they pass by a scrapyard, filled with rusting, discarded parts of once-beloved cars. Well, we have good news: some of those parts are being upcycled for a much more stylish purpose!

In case you haven’t heard, upcycling is all the rage now. Basically, it’s turning trash into treasure: instead of throwing something old and broken away, rather try and turn it into a whole new creation that’s kinder on both the pocket and the environment. A few industrious automakers and designers are now salvaging car parts to create truly fabulous fashion!


Driving the fashion trend

Although many automakers do sell branded clothing (we’re looking at you, guys in Ferrari jackets), some of them are taking innovation to the next level by using their own parts and materials to create new, wearable items.

Hyundai has been particularly fashionably forward with their Re: Style 2020 initiative; a push to encourage sustainability and prevent old car parts from ending up in landfills. Their designs include clothes made from old seatbelt and airbag materials, jumpsuits made from car seat denim and leather scraps, and even jewellery made from repurposed car glass and foam.

According to Wonhong Cho, the Executive Vice President of Hyundai Motor Company, this initiative helps to encourage people to reimagine waste as an opportunity for creativity, saying that he hopes more manufacturers would “work collaboratively toward an environmentally accountable and economically efficient future.”

It seems his wish has come true, as Ford has also dipped its wheels into the fashion game. The American car manufacturer partnered up with Redress, a sustainable fashion charity, to host a design competition at Hong Kong Fashion Week, during which designers were challenged to use anything from car seat covers to dashboard components to create couture. A-Ford-able fashion? Yes, please!


Headlight or desk lamp?

Car manufacturers aren’t the only ones upcycling parts for fashion. In fact, nifty creatives are incorporating all sorts of auto goodies into their work: with interior design being particularly popular.

Licence plates make for great wall hangings – a more macho twist on the “Live, Laugh, Love” classic – while car ramps can make for chic side tables, and hubcaps can be spray painted and used to prettify your garden. We’ve even seen an engine block used to hold wine bottles – putting a new twist on not drinking and driving!

While we’re not quite sure if we’d wear a seatbelt corset or not, the trend towards sustainability is a winner in our books.

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