Take control of road safety in more ways than one with dotsure.co.za this holiday season and leave crash and burn for the waves and beach.


Silly season is here, which means exciting adventures to seaside and holiday destinations. South African roads are buzzing with seasonal traffic and along with the excitement and festivities comes increased risk. Speeding and alcohol fuel reckless driving which regularly lead to severe accidents and tragic deaths.

dotsure.co.za is on a journey to promote safe driving this festive season. Although we can’t necessarily prevent accidents from happening, we can encourage a culture of safe driving with eye-opening stats, the Smart-Box device, the dotsure.co.za Child Seat Safety Cause and our roadside assistance.

Keep these shocking stats in mind on the road. They might just make you think twice and save lives.


WARNING: The following stats are not for sensitive readers.                


According to the AA, 14 071 people died on South Africa’s roads in 2016 – a major jump from 12 944 deaths recorded in 2015…

Irresponsible driving is the single biggest contributor to road crashes and deaths, accounting for 77.5% of contributing factors. Vehicle conditions (6%), and road and environmental conditions (16.5%), make up the balance.

The causes of deaths on SA’s roads (2016):

Pedestrians cause the most deaths (38,8%), hit and run crashes (18,5%) the second most. Other causes include speeding (14,1%), overtaking traffic (6,9%), drunk driving (3,6%) and driver fatigue (2,2%).


How does dotsure.co.za actively encourage smarter driving and road safety?


  1. Smart drivers have Smartboxes


Your safety is one of our main priorities and we want to reduce the risk of serious accidents and damage to your vehicle. Our Smart Driver programme rewards you for good driving behaviour and actively encourages road safety. If you install the dotsure.co.za Smartbox in your vehicle and the device detects that you are not speeding, swerving, braking harshly or accelerating too quickly when you drive, you might qualify for up to 25% of your premiums back in cash every month! The Smartbox’s early accident detection monitors your driving performance and actively saves lives.  How? By alerting us of accidents in the event that you are physically unable to call us.


  1. The Child Seat Safety Cause


According to the latest amendment to South Africa’s National Road Traffic Act regulations, ALL passengers must buckle up and ALL children under the age of 3 years must be restrained in an approved child-safety seat.

dotsure.co.za’s Child Seat Safety Cause supports the new child safety seat law. Our awesome partners at Wheel Well check, clean and refurbish donated car seats for kids and babies and pass them on to families in need.


Donate and save young lives today!


Are your children’s old car seats still taking up space in the garage? Call Wheel Well on 072 385 7121 OR 073 393 7356 to donate them to the cause.


  1. Roadside Accident Assistance

Sadly, chance and human error mean accidents can happen despite everyone trying to avoid them. In response to this reality, we send emergency support to the scene of an accident to assist victims and prevent further accidents occurring from the pileup or obstruction.

Equipped with these tactics, we trust you’ll arrive safely at your holiday destinations and think twice before you let road rage get the better of you. Drive smart, keep your kids safe in their car seats and follow the South African Road Laws to the T junction and beyond. Remember, we’re in this together. Our 24/7 emergency number is 0861 dotsure (3687873).

Be safe this festive season. Think and drive!