Happy National Tequila Day Amigos!

Do you drink tequila like its water from the Mexican Fountain of Youth? The “Fuente de la juventud”.Even though it might make you feel younger, and you might even seem to look a little spritelier, one of the more frustrating properties of this South American throat burner, is that it plays tricks on your mind… It’s like the liquid version of Chris Angel. Before you know it, you believe that you can walk on water and do parkour. Sorry to disappoint, that’s just the tequila talking…


Did you know?


There is a bottle of tequila called Ultra-Premium Ley .925 Pasion Azteca that costs a whopping $225 000? That’s near R3million! What the heck is this stuff made of? Unicorn Tears? Nah…. it’s just Agave. A blue plant with a sweet aroma that takes a decade to grow and is harvested by hand.

So, tequila is basically just a liquidised plant? Yes, but it can, however, also be turned into shinny little stones called artificial diamonds. These diamonds sadly can’t be a girl’s best friend, because they’re too small for the perfect piece of jewellery. Leave the diamonds… rather down the “liquid gold” to quench your thirst!

So how many shots do you need to smash to be completely hypnotised? One tequilatwo tequilathree tequila, floor?

There is no single answer to that most complex of questions.  If you’ve had more than one shot of tequila though, don’t transform into the Stig. 

On a serious note, we at dotsure.co.za are passionate about your safety and well-being and are deeply committed to reducing the horrific number of road deaths on South African roads. Make no mistake, drinking and driving kills. It really isn’t worth the risk.


Is tequila and driving a doomed duo?


Tequila, lemon and salt are the seamless trio.  A shot of tequila without the lemon and a salty aftertaste is like a decaf coffee; what’s the point? Tequila and driving however, that’s a duo designed for disaster. Unless, of course, you plan on celebrating your next birthday with a bunch of creepy convicts, drinking room temperature toilet wine instead of quality tequila… Oh the irony!

To continue enjoying your quality tequila and skipping on the horrible jail-juice, keep the following guidelines by the Automobile Association of South Africa (AA) in mind:


The rule of thumb is a maximum of one unit of alcohol per hour, which constitutes 10ml of pure alcohol, based on an adult weighing 68kg.  However, it is important to be aware that if you weigh less than 68kg, your body will need more time to process the same amount of alcohol. Our advice? Err on the side of caution.


What does one unit represent in layman’s terms?


  • It is equal to two thirds of a beer or spirit cooler with 5% alcohol content.
  • For those who drink wine, 75ml of red or white wine per hour with an alcohol content of 12% to 14% is acceptable.
  • Whisky and brandy connoisseurs can drink up to one 25ml tot of alcohol per hour.


So…now that you know a little more about your friend tequila, you are probably eager to indulge in a tequila shot or a long Island Iced Tea. Go ahead, you can’t waste a bottle golden perfection on National Tequila Day.

Cheers to the Golden Boy!

Remember , if you drive , don’t drink!