If you’re looking for more than exotic island selfies and snapshots of your BFF’s designer breakfasts, Instagram has you covered, dog lover. Update your feed, open your heart, and let the crooning begin with these lovable Instagram hounds (who will show you a thing or two about caring as well as posing).



@rafaelmantesso is an inspiring glimpse of the relationship between Jimmy the dog and his highly creative human, Rafael. It’s often described with cleverly illustrated photographs that reveal Rafael’s unusual view of the world and the inspiration Jimmy, the gentle bull terrier, brings him. Rafael suffers from ADHD and Asperger’s, serious conditions which make it hard for him to focus or relate to other humans. Jimmy continuously supports his happiness with a wag, a lick and a variety of terrific terrier antics that inspired videos like this. Check out @myselfjimmy for amazing cartoons.



@bionicpets – shows how prosthetics and a passion for dogs (and other animals, like goats, horses, and even elephants, but mostly dogs) can add limbs to the life and happiness of a physically challenged animal.



@beauxtoxrescues proves that different is beautiful and ‘deformed’ is a matter of perception. Beaux (pronounced “Bow”) is 100 % Labrador “born with an extra adorable face” you will grow to love. The account also features some funny jokes from time to time.



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Building trust and love every day. #sharpei #noraandharrietsharpei ❤️

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@noraharrietsharpei tells the folds and wrinkles of two sharpei adventurers. The dogs are sisters, and the photography is beautiful. Can you count the skin flaps?


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