Once again, we give dogs something to bark about and cats a reason to release their loudest purrs. We believe that pets deserve to be happy and that they need the best possible protection, love, care and nutrition. That’s why we are proud to announce that dotsure.co.za and the brand vets choose to feed their own pets – Hill’s Pet Nutrition, are giving you an exclusive offer!


Why we’re a match made in heaven

dotsure.co.za and Hill’s share the same goals and mission – to give pets the proper care they deserve for their loyal companionship and unconditional love. Responsible pet parenting goes hand in hand with great food for good health and better pet care.


Why we love Hill’s Pet Nutrition

Hill’s pet food is developed by qualified vets, food scientists, technicians and Ph.D. nutritionists to make sure that your pets get the premium pet food they need to stay by your side for even longer. “Pet nutrition is vital to pets living long, healthy lives. We want the world to know that Hill’s pet foods are the best pet foods a pet owner can buy”, states Hill’s. “Our scientific leadership helps us create powerful food – for differences you can see, feel and trust.”

The standards of Hill’s are extremely high, and each ingredient is examined and analysed to ensure that pets receive the precise nutrient formulation they need to stay happy and healthy.

There is a Hill’s pet food suitable for dogs and cats at each life stage, as well as a range of foods for special conditions. Whether it’s a bit of a belly, hairballs or arthritis, there are Hill’s foods which make sure they get the best out of life.


Treat your pets to the good life with dotsure.co.za pet insurance and Hill’s premium pet food. Just like us humans, they only live once – make every second with your furry companion count!

This is just the start of a beautiful friendship with many more thrilling things to come. Stay curious and be on the lookout! 😉