Scenario time again:

It’s Monday morning and you’re back behind the wheel on your way to work. The birds are chirping and your local breakfast show is droning away on your radio. You are not in the mood, and all you can think about is the morning caffeine fix that awaits you at the office. You reach for your mobile phone which somehow managed to manoeuvre its way to an unreachable destination under your seat. Once the two of you are reconnected, you WhatsApp your best pal to arrange a get-together for lunch. While you are waiting for her reply, you quickly Google “Monday lunch specials” and search on Google maps for the restaurant’s location.

While you may have been multitasking like a boss, you were also playing a very dangerous and unnecessary game.

Fortunately though, this was just a hypothetical, and you know better than to do that… Right?


Did you know?

According to the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a single text sent while driving distracts the driver from the road for an average of 4.6 seconds and increases the chances of an accident by a massive 23%.  How far do you travel in 4.6 seconds? Well, at 100km/h you will be covering 128 meters whilst effectively being blind. That’s just terrifying!  In a survey by the Automobile Association (AA), during a typical traffic peak morning, 7.2% of 2500 drivers were using their mobile phones while driving.

Are these stats hitting home?

Well now, its’ possible to stay connected in a safe way! If you are joined at the hip to your mobile bestie use Android Auto or Apple CarPlay for safer driving and more control.

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are tools which provide you with maps, music, handsfree phone calls, WhatsApp messages and even voice recognition. This basically means that you and your mobile can spend 24/7 in each other’s company. No need to miss your microchip, metal and plastic life companion while driving.

Wondering how it works? Watch this video:



How does support safe driving?

We have a Smart Driver Program. You get rewarded for good driving behaviour. If you install the dotsure Smartbox in your vehicle and the device detects that you are not speeding, swerving, braking harshly or accelerating too quickly, you might qualify for up to 25% of your premiums back in cash every month! Also, actively saves lives with the Smartbox through early accident detection. Your safety is one of our main priorities and we want to reduce the risks of serious accidents and damages to your vehicle.

If you want safer driving journeys we strongly suggest that you download Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. If you however want to find other ways to promote safe driving-Read From delight to disaster in a single distraction.

Enjoy the drive and Arrive Alive!