IOL recently reported that a divorcing woman is claiming a mind-blowing amount of money from her husband for the maintenance support of her two dogs – Ollie and Sadie.

Let’s sniff out more details about the needs of the posh pooches and discover the money-saving power of pet insurance.

The dog maintenance support claim

According to the pet mom, the claim includes cover for all the pet care expenses, which adds up to R5,600 per month. This amount is made up as R1,500 for food,  R1,000 for a dog walker, and R600 for pet care/toiletries.

Along with these expenses, the pet mom is claiming R2,500 per month in medical expenses for the pooches. For context, that’s as much as the monthly payment for premium medical aid for humans! While we don’t know all the details of their health issues, a recurring monthly bill this high would add up to R30,000 per year!With our Ultimate Pet Insurance Plan, he’d pay less than R700 per month for the dog’s medical expenses.

Additionally, she sought an order that the husband be liable to pay “all out-of-pocket veterinary charges, as well as medical, dental and related costs and charges” not covered by the above amounts. That would also have been covered by our Ultimate Pet plan.

The husband’s response to her demands

He was willing to pay for some of the pet care expenses but argued that the appointment of a dog walker was unnecessary. He also questioned the need for the expensive dog food, which costs triple the amount that he used to pay for dog pellets.

The husband says that he needs to pinch his pennies for his business to survive the Covid-19 pandemic’s economic effects. That’s why he’s not planning to splurge on pet luxuries anytime soon.

The final verdict

Judge OL Rogers said that he is liable to pay for the dog-walking services as he agreed to it earlier in the maintenance hearing. There was also no evidence in support of his financial struggles.

The judge ordered him to pay his monthly fur-child support fees and a monthly cash payment of R10,000 for the wife’s personal maintenance. Failure to meet the demands of the court would lead to a hefty R20,000 fine.

It’s clear that the wife was not willing to let sleeping dogs lie. She made sure that she got what she needed for her posh pooches. Hopefully she gets pet insurance to support her pocket and to give her true piece of mind.

How pet insurance protects your pocket

Pet insurance helps cover the cost of veterinary care when your pet becomes ill or injured. It is designed to make it affordable for any pet owner to provide their precious pet with the best possible health care.

Getting cover for your four-legged friend is easy, fast and super convenient, so much so that you can even do it from the comfort of your couch.

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Did you know?
When you add additional pets to a policy, you will get a 15% discount on your entire premium!