We’re Talking Pigments, Premiums, and Price Tags

When shopping for a new car, many factors come into play: make and model, fuel efficiency, safety features, and more. However, one often overlooked aspect of purchasing a vehicle is the colour. Some people prefer the timeless elegance of a black car, while others opt for the vibrant appeal of a red one. While aesthetics is often the primary consideration, the colour of your car can have practical implications, especially when it comes to resale value.


The Price Tag

Limited Edition and Custom Colours: Some car manufacturers offer special limited-edition or custom colour options that can significantly increase the initial price of a car. These unique colours are often associated with premium trim levels and may come with additional features and options that can also boost the price.

Popular vs. Uncommon Colours: The popularity of a car colour can affect its price. Common colours such as white, black, and silver are typically standard and won't cost you extra. However, opting for a less common or vibrant colour can result in additional costs.

Resale Value Considerations: If you plan to sell your car in the future, it's essential to think about how the initial price may affect your car's resale value. Uncommon or custom colours may limit the pool of potential buyers, potentially impacting on the resale price.


Resale Value

Popular Colours: Neutral and universally appealing colours such as white, black, and silver tend to hold their resale value better. These colours have broad market appeal, making it easier to find a buyer when you decide to sell.

Depreciation Rates: Bold or unusual colours can make your car stand out, but they also often lead to a higher depreciation rate. A unique colour might limit your potential buyers and lead to a quicker depreciation of your car's value.

Local Climate Factors: Climate can also influence colour preferences. In regions with scorching heat, lighter colours such as white and silver are favoured because they reflect heat, helping to keep the interior cooler. In colder areas, darker colours can be more attractive as they absorb heat.

Maintenance and Care: Cars with dark colours may show scratches and imperfections more easily than lighter colours. If not well-maintained, these blemishes can impact on the car's resale value.

Trends Change: Keep in mind that colour trends change over time. What's popular now may not be in a few years, so it's essential to consider how the colour choice might affect your vehicle's long-term value.


Insurance Premiums

The colour of your car can also impact on your insurance premiums, but this influence may not be as straightforward as its effect on resale value. There are several factors taken into consideration when calculating premiums, and colour is just one of them.

Visibility and Safety: Bright and vibrant colours such as red, yellow, and orange can be more visible on the road. Some insurance companies may argue that this increased visibility reduces the risk of accidents, potentially leading to lower premiums for such cars.

Theft Risk: Certain car colours may be more appealing to thieves. Cars associated with higher theft rates could impact on your premium.

Repair Costs: The colour of your car may affect the cost of repairs in the event of an accident. For example, cars with unique or custom paint jobs may be more expensive to repair. Insurance companies may take this into consideration when setting premiums.

It's important to note that the impact of car colour on insurance premiums can vary and other factors need to be taken into consideration. The age and make of your car, your driving history, and where you live are often more influential factors in determining your insurance rates.


When you choose the colour of your next car, try to find a balance between personal preference and practicality. Choosing a car colour that you love can bring you joy every time you get behind the wheel, but if you're concerned about resale value or insurance costs, you might need to consider other factors as well.

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