Let’s not kid around, there are some things that are just not worth compromising on. Putting your child into a Car Seat with all the necessary straps is one of those things.

Don’t agree? Well here are the stats:

  • The Medical Research Council (MRC) stated that car crashes are the leading cause of injury and/or deaths among children under the age of 5 in South Africa.
  • Less than 7% of South African drivers put their children in car seats.
  • According to Arrive Alive, correctly installed car seats can reduce the risk of infant deaths by 70% and 54% in toddlers.
  • Studies by Arrive Alive have revealed that child safety seats that are correctly installed for children age 0-4 years can reduce the need for hospitalisation by 69%.


Did you know?

According to the latest amendment to South Africa’s Road Traffic Act, ALL passengers should buckle up and ALL children under the age of 3 years should be restrained in a child safety seat.


5 Golden Rules for Car Seats

  1. Buckle your kids up, even if you are just traveling very short distances.
  2. No matter how your children object, never allow them to sit in the front seat or anywhere other than in the car seat.
  3. Two kids, one seatbelt? That never works!
  4. When arriving at your destination and your child is asleep in the car seat, do not under any circumstances leave your child in the car alone.
  5. When securing your child in the car seat, check whether the seat belt of the car seat is firmly and properly tied.


The dotsure.co.za Child Seat Safety Cause

dotsure.co.za supports the new child safety seat law. Want to know how? Watch this video and show your support for a worthy cause.



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