Not for sensitive viewers – a recent story that made the news has the pet loving community up in arms. A defenseless dog, called Bobby, suffered at the hands of ignorance and neglect. The poor pooch is now in dire need of treatment. It’s evident that when it comes to caring for a pet, a lot of basic education is still needed.


If you’re thinking about giving your little rascal a puppy for his/her next birthday, STOP and think again! Are you ready for this commitment?


It’s said that having a pet teaches kids about responsibility. By including your child in the care for the pet, you have the opportunity to teach your children how to be responsible for another living creature. You have the opportunity to teach your child that caring and loving another creature extends much further than just occasionally playing with their new pet. A pet depends on its people to provide food, shelter and healthcare. Even with guidance and prodding, kids may not always do the care work consistently, so it’s important that you as a parent and provider are willing and prepared to step in.

Unfortunately, this did not prove true in a case recently reported to the Bloemfontein Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA).


Parents decided to give their 5-year old a dog as a gift. They told the toddler to take care of the pooch. The dog was named Bobby and he was left to look into the child’s eyes for food and shelter. Great opportunity to teach the child responsibility, right? Wrong! It’s clear to see by the pictures released by the SPCA that the parents provided no guidance, support or care to the child or the pet.  How can you put the life of a poor puppy in the fragile hands of a child? A 5-year old child, that can’t even take care of himself yet.


Bobby had to face horrible abuse due to ignorance and bad parenting. The poor deprived puppy suffered being chained-up for eight months without proper food and vaccinations. Bobby’s diet didn’t have the nutrients he needed. The poor pup had the 5-year old’s leftovers on his menu for months. It’s alleged that the parents never bought dog food for little Bobby. Infuriating to say the least.


The parents of the young boy are being investigated. They will face charges against them for leaving a dog in the care of a minor. Animal rights are on the rise and animal abuse will not be taken lightly.


“What is worse is that Bobby’s chain was never loosened as he grew. As a result, the chain ‘grew’ into Bobby’s skin, causing severe injuries,” said the SPCA. This resulted in the poor pup’s neck, trachea and esophagus being badly infected as a result of the neglect.

Please see the photos of Bobby’s injuries below:


WARNING: The following images are not suitable for sensitive viewers!





We know the images are shocking, but Bobby urgently needs help to recover after his operation.  Funding for treatment and medication is required to aid him back to health.


The Good News

It’s no secret that we love animals and combating animal cruelty is a cause close to our heart. We at decided that we’d love to help Bobby with his funding for the treatment, but we can’t do it alone. We need your help.  We’re donating R3 000 to help Bobby get back on his paws. You can help by SMS’ing Bloemspca to 42646 and donate R30. The adorable pooch will be up for adoption after the treatment. One special family will be lucky enough to take him home for a lifetime of happiness.


What ALL good parents should know about pet care:


It’s super important to educate your kids about pet care. If you don’t teach them, how would they know that it’s not okay to jump on your Great Dane’s back or to feed them a chunk of chocolate? The little rascals won’t know right from wrong, if you don’t take the leash and guide them to basic pet care.


Teach your kids, compassion, respect and passion when it comes to caring for pets. Here’s what you should and shouldn’t do when it comes to your kids and pet care:




We’ll keep you updated on Bobby’s progress. Paws crossed!


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