In 2021, we went from around R14 per litre to over R20 per litre in less than 12 months. And by the look of things, fuel price hikes won’t be slowing down anytime soon. The best advice anyone can give you right now is to tell you to drive less. It’s not only the most fuel-efficient option, but it could also save you money on your car insurance.

We know, driving less is not always possible, so here are our top tips to keep you moving.


No pedal to the metal.

Your budget has spoken. Your need for speed must cross over to the wants lane because you need the fuel more than you need the thrill at this point in your life. So, say goodbye to those fast pull-offs and spinning wheels – you’re not just burning rubber… you’re burning fuel.


DON’T hit the brakes.

Yep, such a violent action can increase your consumption, while a gentle right foot could keep you hitting the road for longer. Keep your speed steady while cruising and get your foot off the accelerator early when stopping, and steer away from braking at the last minute.


Hit the coast.

When you use your brakes, you break your forward momentum. To conserve fuel and get more kilometres out of your tank, rather coast to slow down by taking your foot off the accelerator.


Stay in your lane.

We know you’ve forgotten all the science you learned in high school that you thought you’d never need it. Don’t worry; we’ll catch you up on the lesson that could help you save fuel. Basically, the science says: at 110km/h, your car uses 15 per cent more fuel than it would at 100km/h and 25 per cent more than it would at 90km/h. Long science lesson short: if you’re trying to save fuel, don’t drive in the fast lane.


Eyes on the road & fuel prices.

Knowing when the fuel prices are going up can help you fill up a day before and save you money on every litre of fuel. Check out to keep your eye on the current price and where it’s going next.


Hand on the break.

Use your handbrake for hill stops and starts. Riding the clutch uses more fuel.


Windows up and aircon down.

Okay, here’s the last science lesson of the day: the drag caused by opening your windows when you drive will increase your car’s fuel consumption. And we all know the aircon drives up fuel consumption. We know…  having the windows up and aircon off will not always be the most practical solution, particularly on those scorching days, but if you’re trying to passively burn off calories when you drive – this is the one for you.


Drive smartly.

Going online for real-time traffic information can help you skip traffic, find the shortest routes, and keep your fuel consumption low. You can also see where all the speed traps are and save on traffic fines too 😉… not that you will be speeding, because you’re trying to save fuel, remember!


Put your car in the pool.

If you’re really committed to saving fuel… if it has become your life’s sole purpose… if it keeps you up at night, you might want to consider carpooling. Yeah, we said it! Using your own car only one week in four will save you tanks of fuel!


Rise and shine… and save.

Alternatively, you could join the 5am club and get to the office before the reception gets there or hit the mall long before it opens. Sure, you’ll have to wait for a bit, but you will have skipped the traffic and saved fuel.