“Will robots inherit the earth? Yes, but they will be our children”

– Marvin Minsky


Do you believe that these words by Marvin Lee Minsky, an American cognitive scientist, are true? Well the development of ROOBO’s Pet Robot makes this statement seem pretty damn possible. ROOBO’s pet robot goes by the name of Domgy. Domgy is the first intelligent pet robot with features that might actually blow your mind.

According to ROOBO’s Marketing Director Anthony Chen, the company’s ambitious new product is designed to be a “family friend” that makes life easier and more fun at home. I don’t know… “Anthony Chen” sounds like a fake name to me. Perhaps there is something infinitely more sinister at play.

What can Domgy do?

Many came before him claiming to be able to do wonderful, intelligent things, but most failed to make an impact. What makes us think Domgy will succeed where his predecessors have failed? Here are some of the special features that we can expect with baited, kibble scented breath:

  • Be your PA – He can remind you of important things you must do daily, like take your medicine or inform you about important meetings.
  • Be your BFF (Barely Furry Friend) – Lonely technophiles unite! Domgy has killer dance moves, cool music, videos and built in games like Bingo. Kids (if you have any) can also be kept out of trouble by enjoying puzzle games and learning while having fun. Domgy will reportedly entertain kids for up to 8 hours with its grrrrreat battery life. Sounds like step 1 of its world domination plan is “brain wash the younger generation.”

Be a great teacher- He can teach you and your kids some new programming skills. You will have heaps of fun while learning some cool stuff along the way.

  • Be a (Smart) watch dog (haha, puns) – Domgy will reportedly keep you and your family safe from intruders by patrolling your house. If he sees an unauthorised person, he will alert you. You can even set up “danger” zones in the house where kids or elderly members shouldn’t go. Apparently the “maul intruder” function is still in the works.
  • Be an enthusiastic Learner –You can teach Domgy new things like putting together jigsaw puzzles and new dance moves. IT CAN LEARN!?? {Terrified face}
  • Take over the world – If he can learn to do puzzles, perhaps he can learn to exterminate the human race?! –Not likely…  Maybe Domgy 2.0

Apart from that here are some less exciting, but interesting features that make Domgy just that little bit smarter:

  1. Bluetooth-For connecting to smart devices like mobiles and tablets.
  2. Beacon sense-To sense surroundings and adjust accordingly.
  3. Gesture sense-To respond to gesture-based instructions like swiping.
  4. Infrared Vision-The Infrared Vision provides the robot with extremely good vision to observe its surroundings.
  5. APP Enabled-For advance game playing on smart devices.
  6. Touch Sensors-Feels your touch and responses to it.
  7. Voice Recognition-Domgy follows your voice to carry out commands.

What can’t Domgy do?

Sooo… is there anything domgy can’t do? But Of course! Even robots aren’t perfect, yet. Domgy can’t cuddle, eat treats for being a good boy, join you for jogs, play fetch or just admire you for loving him with all your heart. Remember he is made out of microchips, metal, plastic, glue and a bunch of other complicated advanced components (none of which are organic). He is literally heartless.

Also, he doesn’t have his own distinct personality. He can follow your instructions, but he won’t be part of your family portrait. Your family portrait is reserved for family members with actual beating hearts and air in their lungs.

Does Domgy beat the real deal?

No way José! Domgy doesn’t have that fresh puppy smell or those soulful eyes. He can’t replace your real-life companion. No robot can walk in the pawsteps of your beloved canine. Domgy sounds like a fun toy, but calling him “family” is a bit far-fetched. The pet robot is a nice gadget to brag to your friends about and to play with when your next series doesn’t live up to your expectations. Nothing more… For now {ominous sounding voice}