We’re guessing your car is already equipped with essentials like extra radiator water, clean engine oil, spare tyres, blankets, first aid kits for people and for pets, jump start kit, no-spill dog bowls, a cat litter tray, drinking water, bikinis – the works, right? Here are a few more amazing items that make life on the road much easier and safer.

These accessories may not convert your car into a Lamborghini, or the like (we know you want to), but they’ll go a long way to making every drive a practical pleasure, and you’ll be better prepared for anything.


Top add-ons for your car



“Look in the box”

Emergency kit

Be prepared with a kit for just about any emergency. The best ones have a hammer to break glass if you’re trapped. Did you remember a tow rope in your extras? It should be in the kit, too. You want a foot pump for easier tyre inflating, and a reflective jacket to prove that you are officially organised (and avoid pile-on accidents on the roadside). We like this life-saving car kit put together for you by the AA itself .


“Are we where yet?”

Satellite navigator

Never, ever get lost again with a satellite navigation device. But why? Because your phone might die, the map book might be out of date, apps are heavy on data, your data may run out, your date might have the wrong directions – or simply no clue where to go and no desire to tell you so. There is a myriad of reasons to invest in a dedicated way-finding device so that you always know where you are (or, at least, where you’re going). Try this seven-inch wayfinding wonder.


“Where the beep are my keys, please?”

Key locator

Have you ever wished you could whistle for your keys like you do for little Spotty? Or been in a mad rush to leave, halfway out the door, when you realise you’ve misplaced the car keys? And then spent half an hour trying to find them? And then found them IN YOUR POCKET? What you need is a sat nav for your car’s keys. This one is small, sexy, and effective .


“It’s not inside it’s onnn top”

Phone holders

Okay, so you’ve got your keys, and the sat nav, but you still want to check it’s accurate on those long trips. Which is easily done using your smartphone’s way-finding app (we <3 Waze). But you’re solo sailing, so what to do? You can’t handle your phone while holding the steering wheel, and Google Now and friends ignore you if the phone is face down. A phone mount will position the phone’s screen so that it’s facing you while your eyes remain safely fixed on the road (no texting and driving, please!). This simple mechanism makes a multi-device life simpler, and your journey a whole lot safer. It can hold smartphones, tablets, GPS units, and MP3 players at eye level. The better ones also allow for one-handed adjustments, like this one .  


Like shades, for your car

Car window shades

Maybe you haven’t invested in tinted car windows yet, and you usually just prop a cardigan in the window. Maybe you’re tired of the flapping. Or, maybe it doesn’t cover the whole window. Anyway… Let’s lay the ‘cardi-visor’ to rest – on your shoulders, where it belongs – and use glare screens to keep the sun’s UV rays off sensitive skin. Whether it’s your puppy, kitty, hubby or baby in need of protection, removable shade covers are amazing! Try these ones.


A hoover for Rover’s hairs

Keep-in-the-car vacuum

Life is messy and your wheels surely live to tell the tale. If you want to clean up your automotive act, invest in a little car vacuum cleaner that plugs into the lighter socket and sucks up all the crumbs, papers, hairs and dirt that gets tramped in every time you open the door. It’ll fit under most car seats and is a breeze to use. Try this one with its washable filter.


Our cars don’t just carry handy accessories, valuable possessions and groceries, but also have the primary role of safely taking us and our passengers from Point A to Point B and back. Even though we do our very best to equip our cars for ultimate safety on the road, there’s always a degree of risk we cannot control and, in such an unfortunate event, want to recover as quickly as possible from. This is where dotsure.co.za car insurance proudly steps in with affordable cover options and most importantly, complete peace of mind! Click/tap here for a quick and easy online quote.


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