Dogs only live for around 12 years, so every year that they’re with us is truly a blessing. If you get to experience the joys of owning a golden oldie, you should consider yourself extremely lucky.

When they were pups, we taught them everything they need to know – from where to use the loo, to how to “sit, stay, and stop”, to exactly how to get an extra treat out of us with their huge puppy eyes. But once they’ve seen it all, the tables turn and it becomes our turn to learn from them.

Let’s find out the lessons about life, love, friendship and of course, food, that we can learn from pooches with silver snouts and years of experience under their collars.

Lesson #1: Love never grows old


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Signs of the times might start to show, but a senior dog’s love for you will never stop growing. They might move slower towards you and have trouble jumping on your lap, but that’s just stiff joints – not a lack of love or enthusiasm. Their bodies will grow old, but their love for you remains forever young.

Just like dogs, we can learn to love unconditionally – even if our hearts have been bruised a few times in the past.

Lesson #2: Eat your furry heart out

It’s no secret that dogs have a special relationship with food. They don’t just nibble on pellet or three, they dive face-first into the entire bowl and finish every last crumb. These furry foodies truly appreciate every meal.

Just like our golden girls and boys, we can learn to enjoy and appreciate food. Next time the kids (or you!) want skip the broccoli, remind them (or yourself!) of how Spot shows gratitude for every treat that comes his way – even the healthy ones.

Lesson #3: Sleep like a dog 


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Ever noticed your older dog’s love for sleeping? Of course, it’s hard to miss!

Wise woofs rest their bodies and minds. They take personal care and self-love seriously. We can learn to do the same and to swap the series with some quality sleep.

Fun (or not-so-fun) fact: According to Healthline, people who sleep less tend to gain more weight than those who get enough shut-eye. Sleepy and pudgy definitely isn’t the combination we want to end the year off with!

Lesson #4: A human in need, is a friend indeed.

You can count on your old hound for love and support when you need it the most. When you’re down, that silver snout will be by your side always ready for a snuggle and a snog.

Just like our loyal companions, we need to be a friend to humans in need. One small act of kindness can make a big difference.

Lesson #5: Age is just a human error

From Cleopatra bathing in milk to modern day injectables, humans have been fighting against Father Time for thousands of years. In comparison, senior dogs embrace their age and let life take its natural course. They don’t dye their hair or cover their wrinkles to fit in with the younger crowd – so why should we?

We’re all getting old – that’s just the way it is.

Lesson #6: Enjoy every moment


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Old dogs make us realise how precious time with our loved ones is.

“When an animal that has lived with us for many years grows older, we learn to deal with change, to accept the inevitable and to live consciously in every moment”, states K9 Magazine.

Dogs help us stay aware of the limited time we have with those we really love. Remember to savour every moment of it!

Lesson #7: Stay humble

Dogs don’t care about fancy couches or impressive rides. They take joy from the little wins in life. If their tummies are full, their beds are warm and they have their favourite human by their sides, they are happy poopers.

We can learn to be humble and to find joy in the little pleasures in life. Money and possessions may fade away, but love prevails.

Appreciate your grey-haired hound’s wise spirit and take extra special care of their health and wellbeing.

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