Do you have an 8 to 5 job? One where you sit behind a desk or attend meetings all day? Do you do the whole routine thing, where the most exciting part of your day is the 10-minute tea break between one boring waste of time and another?

Your job might not be ideal, but trust us when we say it could be a whole lot worse! At least you’re not a professional Face Feeler or a Chicken Sexer. “WTF” you say?

Maybe this list of the top 5 weirdest jobs ever will change your mind about your normal office job OR perhaps you might just feel the urge to send out your CV in the hopes of becoming a future waterslide tester… Who knows? The world’s your playground.


5 weirdest jobs in the world


  1. Gumologist


Bubble gum should deliver a burst of flavour as soon as it hits your tongue. It should also be chewy and you must be able to blow bubbles big enough to touch the tip of your nose. To create the perfect combination of flavour and chewiness, a gumologist has the important job of testing gum before it hits the taste buds of critical consumers all over the world.


  1. Waterslide Tester


Monday morning seems a lot more exciting if you get to spend your working week slipping down water slides. Water Slide Testers check to see if the water slides in hotels are both fun and safe. This may be the single most enviable job in the world…

Don’t think for a second that they escape reports though. These poor guys must document their findings and write articles for travel magazines and websites. Shame…

Hope the Waterslide Testers have Life Insurance for those broken slides. Don’t think that’s necessary? Have a look at this video:



  1. Face Feeler


Ever wondered how skin care companies can prove that their products are good for your skin? Easy, they hire “Face Feelers” to test the beauty products before they launch the products.


A face feeler’s entire job is basically to feel faces and report back on the effects of the products on the texture of the skin. #FetishAlert


  1. Chicken Sexer


Relax, this probably isn’t what you think. A Chicken Sexer simply separates the male and female chickens by identifying their genitals.

So, if you can handle a flock of chickens, don’t mind getting chicken shiz all over your outfit and love the outdoors, you might just win the Chicken Sexer of the year award. Up for the challenge, or are you chicken… (sorry)


  1. Snake Milker


Snake venom is a killer, but can also be a healer. It can be turned into drugs to treat all kinds of conditions, including the treatment of snakebites. But some brave person needs to collect that venom by hand. They gently expose the snake’s fang and squeeze out the deadly juices.

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