Your car’s future owner should be proud of their purchase. If they are, chances are you’ll obtain the best possible resale value for it when you decide to sell. It’s a great reason to keep your 4-wheel baby in tip-top shape by making sure she runs like a dream and looks like a million bucks.

Here’s what you need to do to keep her looking neat as a pin:


  1. Retouch her “makeup”



Your car’s “makeup” should (preferably) stick to its body permanently. But even permanent makeup needs a bit of touching up once in a while… So, make sure that your car’s “body paint” is in good condition and take extra care to avoid cleaning methods or detergents which may damage your car’s paintwork. Use a specially formulated car detergent to protect the exterior without leading to smudges or accelerated fading. If she needs more than just a little touch-up, perhaps opt for a complete paint job – besides, a makeover does wonders for the self-esteem!

Popular product: Shield 5L Car Shampoo, R99, Makro


    2. Get rid of the dirty clothes



Sometimes our car’s seat covers still bear the evidence and shame of old coffee or soda spills (eek!). There may even be traces of little sticky hands or dusty kicks on your backseat, which will have your ol’ girl subtly begging for a change in “outfit”. Remember to clean any spills or dirt properly and the sooner the better. Invest in an upholstery detergent that’s safe to use on all interior surfaces including the dashboard, fabric and even leather.

Popular product: Holts Upholstery Cleaner, R40, Builders Warehouse


    3. Protect her “skin” against sun damage



The sun can do a lot of damage to your car’s vinyl and rubber surfaces. The harsh South African sun will eventually leave your car with a few extra wrinkles and a dull-looking exterior.  Don’t stress though, luckily you can apply some “sunscreen” to help her stay easy on the eyes. Specially formulated cleaning products are available which offer much needed sun protection for your car’s body and rubber parts.


Popular product: Shield Vinyl Plastic & Rubber Care Nu-Car, R60, Game


    4. Wax on, wax off



There is nothing like a bit of wax to protect and enhance the appearance of your car for a spotless finish.  The wax is like an anti-ageing serum that will leave her looking radiant and younger. A car should be waxed every quarter, or at least twice a year, to prevent the colour from fading. Buy a quality car wax for a polished finish and colour protecting results.


Popular product: Meguiar’s Cleaner Liquid Wax, R175, Builders


    5. Keep her healthy and hydrated



The health of your 4-wheel bae primarily depends on her “inner-workings” (e.g. mechanics). The engine should be kept in good condition and oil changed regularly. You can save loads of money if you keep the oil clean. If you tend to forget these types of things, you can always purchase a handy electronic oil pressure gauge which will keep track of your car’s oil pressure and indicate when it needs topping up.


Popular product: Electrical Oil Pressure Gauge, R329, Midas


Keep the above cleaning tips in mind and you can maintain your car’s best resale value. Makeovers are expensive – avoid them with regular maintenance. Treat your wheels with respect and get rewarded with value for money when your journey together comes to an end.


Remember to get car insurance for those expensive bumps along the road.


Safe travels!