Although your car is a strong 4-wheeled lion on the road, it still needs some TLC to keep it roaring. You can’t expect to just hop in and drive from Durbs to Jozi without a maintenance check.

Like us humans, our cars tend to get tired. That’s why it’s our responsibility to keep them energised, hydrated and ready for their next journey.

Here are 5 important car maintenance tips:

1. Keep the “lashes” on point

Your windshield is your window to the outside world. It’s important to keep your wipers in good shape to avoid accidents.

TIP: If your wipers make a squeaking or grating noise every time you switch them on and the rubber isn’t crisp to the touch, it’s time for a replacement. Make sure you purchase the correct wiper blades recommended for your car’s specific model to avoid any “whiplash”.

Find out how to easily remove wiper blades in this video.

2. Oil the ol’ engine

The health of your 4-wheeled babe primarily depends on her inner-workings. The engine should be kept in good condition and oil changed regularly.

Depending on your car’s age, type of oil, and driving conditions, oil change intervals will vary. Older cars need more regular oil changes compared to modern cars which can stay lubricated for over 10,000km of driving.

TIP: If you tend to forget about oil changes, you can always purchase a handy electronic oil pressure gauge which will keep track of your car’s oil pressure and indicate when it needs topping up.

3. Wash the car seats

Sometimes our car’s seat covers still bear the evidence and shame of old coffee or soda spills (eek!). There may even be traces of little sticky hands or dusty kicks on your backseat, which will have your ol’ girl subtly begging for a change in outfit.

TIP: Invest in an upholstery detergent that’s safe to use on all interior surfaces including the dashboard, fabric and even leather. You can buy Liqui Molly upholstery foam from Builders or make your own cleaning spray for leather seats.

DIY leather cleaner: Mix 1/2 cup olive oil with 1/4 cup of vinegar in a spray bottle. Spritz it on the seats, and let it dry for five minutes before wiping.

4. Give your wheels some air

All tyres slowly deflate over time. That’s why it’s our responsibility to breathe life into them. According to Bridgestone, a properly inflated tyre will provide longer life, quicker steering response, better fuel efficiency and a smoother ride than an improperly inflated tyre.

TIP: Tyre pressure should be checked every 2-3 weeks. Although the minimum amount of tread required for a car to be roadworthy is 1.6 mm, it’s wise to replace tyres at 2 mm, as rainy weather can lower your air pressure.

You can buy a digital tyre pressure gauge here.

5. Check your car’s temperature

Is it getting hot in here or is it just your car’s engine? All moving parts of your car generate heat. That’s why you need a working radiator and some engine coolant to stop your engine from overheating.

TIP: Make sure to check your car’s coolant levels before you roll out of your driveway. The levels are indicated on your dashboard. The device has a needle that should always be pointing toward the centre. If it points toward hot, pull over, turn off your engine and wait for it to cool down.

Safety tip: Never add coolant to a hot engine. Wait for the engine to cool down first.

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