It’s winter season and the snuggle is real. Everyone is constantly craving a warm and comfy bed – even the fur kids long for linen and luxury. Sure, it’s sometimes nice to share your bed with man’s best friend and to curl up with Kittles, but when your comfort is compromised, it’s time for the fur kids to sleep in their own big boy/girl beds.

We know that choosing the perfect bed for your fur kids can be challenging. That’s why we’re here to make sure that you don’t lose any sleep over it. 😉 Rest assured that we’ve got your back when it comes to choosing the best bed for your dogs and cats.


Here are the 5 best beds to buy:


1. Behold, the cuddle cave.


The cuddle cave is the perfect sleeping pod for cats and small dogs. It can be used for relaxation, snuggles or as a barrier from the winter chills. Wagworld’s website says that the cave has “super soft coral fleece on the inside for extra warmth, and a soft and stylish linen canvas on the outside.” The website also points out that “the cave is available in 4 designs to match your interior style, because pets are family”. Well said, we couldn’t agree more!

Length – 50 cm
Height – 30 cm

Grey & Red, Charcoal & Black, Blue, Foliage

Get your cuddle cave here!


2. Curl-up in a cosy cup



The cosy cup allows small pets to curl up in a comfy corner, because it doesn’t take up loads of space. “The plush coral fleece and extra soft filling creates the most luxurious cuddle spot for your small pet-ling. It truly is the cosiest little bed”, says Wagworld.

Small 45cm (Diameter x 20cm)
Medium 55cm (Diameter x 22cm)

Blue Stripe, Green Stripe

Grab a cup here!


3. Nap in a nookie bag



Wow, it’s like a mini sleeping bag for pets! Wagworld describes the nookie bag as “an absolute spoil for burrowing dogs, hairless cats or any pet that loves to burrow, hide or just wants to be warm and cozy”. Looks like the kitties and pooches will have a few sweet dreams in this luxurious cocoon!

Small – 38 x 50 cm
Medium – 45 x 55 cm
Large – 55 x 70 cm
Extra Large – 70 x 80 cm

Red, Cerise Pink, Grey

Get your nookie bag here!


4. Doze off in a dream pod


The dream pod is perfect for stylish pets and parents. “The beautiful interior designs will compliment your personal decor, while offering your hound (or feline) the best possible support for a comfy sleep,” states Wagworld. The outer bolster is made from soft, water-resistant canvas and filled with recycled fabric perfect for catching copious amounts of Z’s and dreaming of birds, bees and whatever.

Small – 40 x 55 cm
Medium – 50 x 70 cm
Large – 70 x 85 cm
Grey & Red, Charcoal & Black, Blue, Foliage

Get your dream pod here!


5. Float on a cloud of comfort with a nap sack



Your fur kids will be floating on a cloud of soft fleece. This bed has “the most luxurious coral fleece on the inside and a soft, stylish canvas on the outside. This will be your cat or small doggie’s favourite spot this winter,” says Wagworld.

It has a double layer filling, offering extra plushness and insulation against cold. That’s so la-di-da!

Diameter – 40 cm
Height – 25 cm

Grey & Red, Charcoal & Black, Blue, Foliage

Get your pets in this sack here!


Sweat dreams furry (and not-so-furry) ones… May your pets enjoy the pleasures of great comfort and care this winter.

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You cover the cuddles; we cover the vet bills. 😉