When you pay hard earned Randelas for car insurance, you expect a certain standard of quality and service. Actually no – you deserve it. So, if your current provider isn’t exactly revving your engine, you’re well within your rights to tell them to hit the road.

Here are some of the signs that it’s maybe time to switch gears on your car insurance provider.

1. You dread the customer service experience

Long waiting periods on the phone, unanswered emails, rude support staff… Unless you enjoy pain (no judgement here), then you don’t have to deal with bad customer service.

Why not switch to an insurer who actually cares about you and your vehicle? At dotsure.co.za, we handle everything from dealing with the Road Accident Fund for you to delivering your licence on time. And we’ll do it with a smile!

2. Lodging a claim is a nightmare

Filing a claim… the ultimate quality test for car insurance providers. When you need to contact your insurer, they should be able to process your claim promptly. If your insurer prolongs the process unnecessarily, you’re definitely not being served the way you should be.

At dotsure.co.za, we don’t believe in making you wait. In fact, once all relevant documents have been received, our average motor claims turnaround time is 5 days. There’s a reason why we’re one of SA’s most trusted insurers!*

3. Your insurer doesn’t have what you need, when you need it

A business with a bad website… in this day and age? Eish. If you can’t find all the necessary information on the products and services the company offers online, then don’t even bother. Rather switch to a provider that lives in this century!

dotsure.co.za also offers policyholders access to an innovative 24/7 Manage Portal. It’s easy to use and even easier to understand, and you can do everything from getting quotes to downloading docs – all online!

4. Your situation changes

Switching to a new provider can sometimes be the result of your previous insurer not providing the cover you need, or enforcing specific policy terms and conditions which you cannot comply with. If you’ve added a second car, then look for a provider that will offer discounts for having both cars on the one policy.

If any of these problems sound familiar, you need to change insurance providers… as in yesterday! From car insurance at a price you pick with Name Your Price™, to superfast claims payouts, choose dotsure.co.za and get everything you wished car insurance could be – all online, anytime.


*According to HelloPeter.com at time of publication.