Warm weather is around the corner, and we’re just panting at the prospect of springtime fun with our favourite canine companions. We’ve compiled some great outdoor activities for you and your precious pooch to enjoy – because we’ve all been cooped up inside too long!

Hike it up a notch

Walking is a classic for a reason – it’s great exercise and gives your pup the chance to (safely) sniff and explore the great outdoors. But why not go a bit beyond the suburbs and enjoy a nice long hike in a nature park, forest, or even mountain.

Of course, this activity isn’t best suited to the faint of heart – rather keep the delicate and frail companions at home! Remember to pack snacks and plenty of water for your dog. And above all: never forget the leash!

Swim it to win it

While cats are famously averse to water, some dogs just absolutely love it. It’s also wonderful exercise for older dogs, as the low-impact nature of swimming won’t put stress on tired or arthritic limbs.

While some pups love a good splash, others can be nervous around water – don’t force them if they are too uncomfortable. Also, keep your aquatic fun to the pool or splash tub – the ocean is filled with dangerous animals like jellyfish, as well as unpredictable tides, making it just too risky for your pooch. It also goes without saying that you should always keep a close watch on your dog while swimming – it’s a group activity, after all!

Canine camping

Who doesn’t love camping with their best friend? Any dog would jump at the chance to enjoy a prolonged stay in nature, and with their favourite human at that.

Camping can be a great way to explore nature with your dog: just make sure the camping area is pet-friendly! Dog camping essentials include their leash, some pick-up baggies, and lots of water. You can even buy specialised dog tents – but why not rather curl up and cuddle with your buddy?

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