Does reading this quote give you the chills? That’s no surprise since Halloween is lurking around the corner. Lock your doors, close your windows and keep the lights on dim, because 31 October things are about to get freaky… We’re not talking Freddy Kreuger freaky, we’re talking pets with batwings, halo’s, devil ears and bloody collars freaky. We know it’s unusual, but hey… That’s us.

Want to create a cute or scary Halloween costume for your four-legged buddy?  Watch these awesome how-to videos

  1. How to create a bat costume for your terrifying terrier



  1. How to create angel and devil headbands for your conflicted canine companion



  1. How to craft a Bloody Collar for your bloodhound



PLEASE NOTE: Please be very careful and make sure that if your pets feel at all uncomfortable, you abort the mission.

We hope your pets don’t spook you out too much. Enjoy your Halloween adventures and make sure you have https://www.dotsure.co.za/ for those unfortunate bloody messes.