For some, the car is an extension of the self. It’s not only about how shiny it is, it’s a form of expression.

Sometimes it’s a good day (or trip), with great tunes to sing to and a smooth drive. Sometimes it’s a bad day, and maybe you jerk the car around a little or grind that gearbox in annoyance.

A car is a machine and it doesn’t hurt but it definitely does suffer wear and tear. The metal, rubber, pistons, bolts and bits that keep your car on the road can age depending on how you drive.

Did you even know that innocent driving habits could chew an unnecessary chunk out of your hard-earned car maintenance budget? Probably not. You’re an excellent driver, after all. You never race through red robots or tailgate slow drivers. The thing is, even the least aggressive drivers might be doing a vehicle serious damage without realising it.

Replacing a clutch prematurely or wearing the tyres out twice as fast as your friends can be avoided with the necessary caution.

If you can identify driving habits that are costing you, you can save cash and still slide through life safely and stylishly in your ride.


Here is a trio of nasty driving habits that could cost you a small fortune.


1. Breaking the brakes

Do you like to make a point when you come to a stop? A hard one? You might be making one to your accountant, too. Foreign Affairs Motors warns that “harsh and sudden braking will increase the wear and tear on your brakes” which may lead to them needing to be replaced much sooner than you planned. Go easy on them, baby.


2. Pedal pusher

If you like a quick getaway even when nobody is chasing you, you’re going to pay for it. Same goes if you push the accelerator right to the floor when gaining speed on the freeway. According to Foreign Affairs Motorsports, over time, if you continuously accelerate harshly, this will begin to put more strain on your engine, and you’ll end up using more fuel on your daily commute.


3. Tyres under pressure

Is your one tyre trim and slim and the other bloated and bulky? Having tyres with unequal or non-standard inflation can chew your car maintenance budget. That’s because acceleration, braking, and cornering can have a big impact on your tires wear and tear. And guess what? Heavy braking and pedal pushing will, too. Aargh!

There’s more, of course. Your relationship with your clutch could end up being very expensive and the aircon does the same damage to your budget that it does to the environment. Read more about saving through the way you drive here.