Sure, pet insurance from is affordable, but you can’t afford to have your dogs at each other’s throats all the time – that’s not what they mean by dog-eat-dog world! So how can you ensure that your pets’ sibling rivalry won’t leave one or all of your dogs in constant need of pet insurance? Here are ten easy steps to turn pet sibling rivalry into household harmony.


Step one: remove barriers to harmony

“Oh, you’re barking mad, aren’t you?! Well, let me open the gate then… oh, you’re calm now?! Thought So!”

This dog owner must have figured this out very early on – all you have to do is remove the barriers that inhibit harmony between your dogs!


Step two: gain control

Gain verbal control over your dog(s) with reward-based training so that your dog(s) can learn to sit or stop on command.


Step three: jealousy makes dogs nasty

Like some of your past lovers, dogs can get jealous too, according to a study published in PLOS One.


Step four: use the carrot, not the stick

Paw-sitive reinforcement will always beat negative reinforcement. Consider rewarding your dog with treats for good behaviour. Avoid punishing or scolding your dog as this could worsen bad behaviour.


Step five: teach them to wait their turn

Teach them to wait their turn – from playing, getting a treat, to going out the door first – everything!


Step six: trial separation

Pay attention to aggression or tension-producing situations. Determining these situations could help you separate the dogs to avoid any incidents.


Step seven: put a leash or muzzle on it

To make treatment easy, decrease the chances of injuries, and increase owner control. A leash, head halter, or a basket muzzle may provide more safety and control when dealing with pet sibling rivalry.


Step eight: don’t reward bad behaviour

If you are playing with one dog and the other pushes in, don’t reward the pusher by giving him attention.


Step nine: try behaviour management products

If all else fails, you can try these pet behaviour management products.


Step ten: love your pet unconditionally

Love conquers all! And nothing says I love you like great pet insurance for great pet parents who always want to make sure their dogs will be protected in the event of an unforeseen accident!