Whether it’s cleaning up an accident or cuddling through the night, pet moms are amazing, and we think they deserve a high five. With a paw. All the time. Yep, we’re honouring pet moms and you know who you are. Ever wondered how much your pets adore you? Read on and keep making the world a better place.


Thanks, Mom! Pets weigh in on what makes human moms so marvellous. Is this you?


  1. You always put me first. In return I will always cuddle you. Unless a treat is begging me to eat it.
  2. You are forever understanding if I make a mistake. I make a lot of them, sometimes on the carpet, sometimes on the duvet, but you know instinctively that I don’t mean it and you always clean it
  3. I love playing in the garden with you every day. Even when you aren’t expecting it. Sorry about the scars from my claws!
  4. You talk to me like I’m human. As a result, I try to fill your bed like one.
  5. You care about my comfort more than your own. You lie so still when we sit or sleep together in a snuggly way, and you do it for HOURS even though it might be uncomfortable for you at times. Bless you!
  6. Even when you’re exhausted, you make sure I get fed and put to bed or let out to wee. Mostly I just want to sniff the air, though.



7. Since we met, you’ve let my needs influence where you live, how you live, where you go on holiday, and even who you (don’t) date. It’s not lost on me, and I                   hope you know I’m saying thank you every  time I “knead” you!

8. You’d rather stay home with me than go party. And when you throw parties, you always make sure I’m happy before you look after guests. Sometimes I’m the               only guest and that’s the best party.

9. I know you never used to wake up at 4.30am in summer, but somebody’s got to tell you it’s time for breakfast! I like to do it with kitty kisses, myself. When you            push me away groggily, I know you’re just telling me you need a little more help waking up.

10. You have learnt my language and now we can say, “I love you” in so many ways. Did you like the bird bits I brought you the other day?


There are a thousand more things that pet moms do to show their love and devotion to their pet children, from proudly brushing off their hair (or feathers) in a business meeting to securing the best care for them with a dotsure.co.za pet policy. Happy Mother’s Day from the humans at dotsure.co.za on behalf of lucky pets everywhere. Because who says mommies must be the same species, anyway?



Just remember, even if you’re a dog lover, cats get the last say, hey.


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