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I'm up for adoption this week, time is ticking. Will you be my new owner?

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Female, Domestic Shorthair Cat, 3

Why I’m the ONE? ❤

I’m a lover of selfies and always ready to strike a pose. As you can see, I’ve got my “Blue Steel” look down to the T with my piercing green eyes. I’m no stranger to danger - I’ve only got 8 lives left, which I choose to spend with you! I’ve got a new lease on life and ready for some royal treatment 😊

My perfect match

If you love cuddles, then I’m your girl. My soft fur will keep your hands glued to me. ❤
Swipe right, your hand will thank you for it! 🐱

Already in a committed relationship? 🙈

Make a difference by helping us and the AACL feed hungry animals

It’s no secret that we love pets and we care about their welfare. One of the causes closest to our heart is the work done by dedicated non-profit organisations like the Animal Anti-Cruelty League (AACL), to combat animal cruelty. We're proud of the fact that we have a long-running partnership with the AACL.

When you show your love and support to your own best friend by taking out a policy on their behalf, you are simultaneously contributing to this worthwhile cause. If you quote and buy pet cover online, dotsure.co.za will feed a shelter animal for a month. We put our money where our meowth is.

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Get to know me a little better. This is why I will be your perfect pet!

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We need your help naming our eligible pet bachelor. Choose a winning name and you could win R5,000 weekly.

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